Metaverse RomanticLand full of love (Country)
RomanticLand, a new platform that combines virtual and reality

A new concept of SNS platform that matches marriage and love in virtual reality metaverse!

In the Crypto City of Love and Romance, investment and profits can be made together with virtual real estate assets and NFTs can be combined to prove assets

RomanticLand creates a new metaverse dating and party culture

For Marriage and Love,
Men Should Have Real Estate,
and Women Should be Pretty

The first real estate Metaverse profitable NFT

District of Crypto-City


NFT Market

RomanticLand Metaverse NFT real estate products can be traded in various NFT marketplaces.

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You don't have to worry about taxes!
Introduce NFT-Metaverse real estate investments that guarantee both revenue and investment.

1. NFT Real Estate Product

SSclass/ SclassAAclass/ AclassVVIP/ VIP

2. Investment Value of NFT Real Estate
2.1. Higher level scarcity and increased investment value
2.2. A rental business due to limited real estate and increased membership
2.3. Free to trade outside of legal regulations
3. What is P2E? How make money?
3.1. The advertising industry of curators
3.2. Lead the data industry through party rooms
3.3. New NFT schemes and sales through NFT combinations

Coin Distribution

Coin Name RomanticLand(MDATE)
Coin Symbol MDATE
Technology Base KLAY
Type Utility
Total Issuance 10,000,000,000 MDATE
Decimal Point 18
Token Address 0xe98b7e991727586456763734a8dfa75c8e355411

Coin Detail



Team & Partner

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Where to use MDATE Token?


MDATE tokens are used for payment by various means in the metaverse virtual world. MDATE Token is needed to pay for various items when purchasing furniture or interior design of a house or building. It is also used as a means of paying admission fees for people to hold parties or enter parties. Like this, MDATE Token is used as a currency to pay for or exchange everything in the metaverse virtual world, just like real money. In the evolving metaverse world, MDATE Token's value will grow significantly.


Metaverse Platform Development Case

The NFT and distribution token ecosystem was planned and developed in accordance with the Web 3.0 era, focusing on the best development team in the metaverse field for many years.


For your questions about Romanticland, we have a quick response below.

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is a combination of the English words "meta," which means "virtual" and "universe," which means the universe, and refers to a three-dimensional virtual world in which social, economic, and cultural activities such as the real world take place.

NFT is part of the metaverse, and NFT, which appears with blockchain technology, proves ownership of assets such as the uniqueness of any data and authenticity.

What coins are related to Metaverse NFT?

Typical examples are Bora, Sandbox, and Decentraland.

For example, SANDBOX is a blockchain-based user-generated content (UGC) and distributed gaming platform. Users can build a game ecosystem that can generate profits by acquiring and selling various token assets within the platform, and can be compensated with SAND, the platform's utility token. You can buy and sell items in the game using SAND tokens on your own game platform, and you can trade your own avatar. It has been recognized for its project vision by receiving investments from various global companies such as SoftBank and is currently a hot metaverse coin with Decentraland.

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